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    Originally, Amoils claimed H-Hemorrhoids “killed” the condition; however I do not agree this to be true. The product works by decreasing the internal as well as external hemorrhoids by shrinking them. This continues with consistent use until they no longer exist. One hundred percent organic essential oils are contained in H-Hemorrhoids.

    Do you believe the claim? Is it really true? Does Amoils H-Hemorrhoids really help to get rid of internal and external hemorrhoids?

    Our Personal Analysis of the Product

    Amoils H-Hemorrhoids does contain essential oils within the formulation and it holds remarkable qualities for healing the body of hemorrhoids. Using this product will keep you from other products which may hold harmful ingredients. This product is safe to use to help to get rid of internal and external hemorrhoids.

    For more information about essential oils, please visit my treatment comparison site page. Use one of the BEST products which are SAFE and contain ESSENTIAL oils to help the body with your condition. You can try the product with NO RISK and your money back is guaranteed!

    The products we sell on our site are put to the test. This ensures that the product will work for what they claim to do. Here is what we found when testing H-Hemorrhoids:

    The Proof is in the Photos & Testimonies

    Using H-Hemorrhoids Treatment

    Day 1

    When viewing the first photo here, you will see the hemorrhoids are swollen tightly. This external hemorrhoid is very bothersome to the individual. You will see the owner’s comments below my own shown next to the photo.

    Day 2

    Two days later after treatment with H-Hemorrhoids, you will see the tightness is decreasing. The height of the hemorrhoid is also decreased slightly as well. If you will notice, the skin fold is not as pronounced in the second photo (in the bend around the lower bottom).

    When applying H-Hemorrhoids the very first time, you will notice it to be very warming to the skin. It feels like you are applying Ben Gay to the fatigued muscles of the body. This is normal for you to feel this.

    “Palpation of the area indicates a decrease of approximately 15% of the mass within two days’ time. In other words, from a medical perspective physical examination shows a decrease of 15%. Itching and pain for this patient has gone away which is another sign the product is working for the user.”

    When viewing the photo, you may notice an increase in redness. This is due to the specific area (inferior and superior) going through the healing process. The essential oils have migrated to this area so the change of color is noted. In this area, the user may notice some inflammation with a little bit of discomfort.”

    When the user applies the essential oils to the hemorrhoid as well as to the feet, he will feel the same sensation of warmth in most cases.

    Day 4

    When the hemorrhoid area has been treated for approximately four days’ time, you will see how the hemorrhoid is flattening out. It is shrinking
    in size and being absorbed naturally back into the body.

    From the user’s perspective, the most noticeable change is the hemorrhoid is becoming much softer. After using the essential oil treatment for four days, it is nearly gone.

    Day 6

    When referring to the changes that occur within the first two days, the percentage of decrease in the hemorrhoid is approximately 40%. This is a wonderful statistic to see for the average individual. Within this two day time frame, most users will not have any more itching or even pain. The redness will be nearly gone and irritation is minimal in the adjacent tissues. When applications are made, warmth at the site is still felt readily.

    This product continues to be a success for many users. The only thing that would make this product better is to be able to apply using an eyedropper application (easier use method). There is a small amount to pay for this wonderful and very successful product.

    Day 8

    Here you will see the hemorrhoid during the eighth day. It is visually hard to even tell what is happening. The angle of the camera is different in this view and the area is more flat (which makes it look somewhat wider). Medically speaking, it is being absorbed by the body. With this photo, you will also note the zoom is increased so the image appears bigger.

    The individual’s comments are well worth reading below:

    “The hemorrhoid area is smaller when touched. A lot of the swelling I once had is gone. The hemorrhoid is nearly gone from what I can tell. I am at the one week mark in time and I am feeling pretty good!”

    Week 3

    In viewing the photos during this time, the swelling has gone down tremendously. The hemorrhoid is nearly gone from site. The width as well as the height is decreased.

    Here is the final photo for review. The amount of H-Hemorrhoid applied is still the same. The physical activity of this individual is very active. They are constantly on the go and hemorrhoids are not slowing them down. Last night, this individual played football for over three hours – many impacts, much running as expected!

    The individual has only used maybe half of the bottle during this time frame. He is no longer aware of even having a hemorrhoid problem. His only reminder is when he sees the photos of it.

    Week 4

    At the four week mark – the improvement over the week was really good. The external hemorrhoid has shrunk. The individual is more active now and this appears to help the hemorrhoid heal more through the application period.

    “The feeling of the hemorrhoid is that it is a lot smaller. When I made my application this morning, the area felt much smaller to me. Maybe since I did not run over the holidays, this has too been helpful during the time of healing.”

    “I noticed the color of my hemorrhoid area has changed. The change has been significant when using a mirror to see. I really hope this is a good thing for me.”

    These photos show slowed healing when the individual has continued to do activities which aggravate the hemorrhoid. Healing can be slowed significantly if care is not taken.

    Week 4 Day 2

    This hemorrhoid which is external was photographed two days later as compared to the one above. The area is shrinking at a really nice rate. You can see the fold of skin appears to be a “flap of skin” that has been overstretched and it is appears like it is unable to return to its original position. Seeing skin flaps are normal for individuals who have had very large hemorrhoids that have been reabsorbed by the body.

    Comment: “I am doing much better now!”

    Week 4 Day 4

    This photo shows a hemorrhoid which is being treated for two days. For this individual, it is nearly gone which is a wonderful thing. The individual has continued his running schedule as usual and so far this has not caused any problems within the healing process.

    Comment: “This external hemorrhoid has gotten much small after treatment with H-Hemorrhoid has begun.”

    Month 1

    For this individual (as with many others), the hemorrhoid was healed within the five to six week timeframe. For this person, they still continued doing the things that irritated the body. If this person had avoided such things, they could have been nearly hemorrhoid free in a much smaller time frame.

    Other users’ comments are included below -

    Comment: “My hemorrhoids have gone away! When I touch the area with my finger, I only feel a very small area. The color of the area is also back to normal for me as well. When looking at the area, I am not really sure if the hemorrhoid is still there. It may be flaps of tissue that I see that were left behind.”

    Comment: “I have only used the product for two days and my hemorrhoid problem is already gone!”

    Comment: “I really do believe the hemorrhoid has disappeared. When looking at the photograph, I do not see it. When doing a physical exam, I cannot feel it either. I am glad to be a part of this trial study in evaluating this fine product. I will definitely use this product again if the need should arise.  Thank you for letting me take part in this product review!”

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